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Cocoa Butter: The Perfect Moisturiser

Cocoa Butter: The Perfect Moisturiser

Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your favourite chocolate? Did you ever just buy a moisturiser after reading its ingredient If the answers is yes to both these questions then you were most likely to come across the ingredient, Cocoa Butter. Yes, Chocolates and your moisturisers have something in common called Cocoa Butter. If you are still confused  because you don’t actually have any idea about what Cocoa Butter actually is, then you need to know that Cocoa Butter is a pale yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from Cocoa Beans. The other name for Cocoa Butter is Theobroma Oil or Theobroma Butter.

Making of Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter is obtained from whole Cocoa Beans which are fermented, roasted and finally separated from their hulls. About 54% to 58% of the residue left after roasting is Cocoa Butter. To separate Cocoa Butter from the solids the chocolate liquor is pressed. The broma process is also used to extract cocoa oil from cocoa solids. In this process, the Cocoa Beans which have been roasted are hung in bags in a place which has a temperature slightly higher than room temperature. The cocoa butter melts at this temperature and drips off the beans. The melted cocoa butter is then collected and utilized for various purposes. 

Chemical Composition of Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa Butter consists of a high proportion of saturated fats which are derived from stearic and palmitic acids. At room temperature Cocoa Butter contains just traces of Caffeine and Theobromine whereas Cocoa Solids contain a reasonable proportion of these components. 

Physical Properties

Cocoa Butter is solid at room temperature but melts on contact with the human body. Have you ever wondered why chocolate literally melts when you simply put it in your mouth? It is because of the physical properties of Cocoa Butter that make up Cocoa Butter is an important ingredient of chocolates.


As cocoa butter has become quite expensive over the years, so many countries are using cheaper substitutes like Palm Oil and Coconut Oil, and adulterants which do not match its quality, color or aroma. Cocoa Butter replacers include Rapeseed Oil or Soya Bean Oil.

Benefits of Cocoa Butter 

Cocoa butter is not only good for your taste buds and skin but it also has a number of other uses. This is why the manufacturers insist on using this special ingredient so as to provide you with the best possible skin care products. Here are some of the most prominent of the several uses of this special ingredient that helps revitalize your skin:  

1.    Essential Ingredient in Chocolates

The cocoa powder and cocoa butter are separated at processing,  and are combined to make those addictive chocolates that you don’t like to share with anyone. In addition, to these two ingredients, milk and sugar are also added to get the final product. While cocoa powder is helpful in giving chocolates most of their color and taste, the volume and consistency of chocolates are acquired by adding cocoa butter. When cocoa butter is in raw form, you can easily feel its pure chocolate aroma that makes you crave for chocolates. It is resistant to oxidation which helps prevent chocolates from becoming rancid. 

2.    Important Antioxidants

Cocoa butter is an important antioxidant that helps rejuvenate your skin by fighting negative signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines as well as environmental stressors. It can be applied in any form you prefer like oils, moisturisers or face washes. You can even opt for raw cocoa butter but one should be kept in mind while consuming it that it has a high-calorie concentration as it consists of fats. 

3.    Makes Your Lips Soft and Kissable 

Are you tired of the drying effect the weather has on your lips? Don’t you just hate chapped or rough lips that look dry and wrinkled? If the answer to both these questions is yes, then you should start using lip balms with Cocoa Butter as it helps moisturise chapped lips restoring their softness and helping them look as lovely as before. These lip products will leave your lips looking softer and kissable giving you the perfect pout for your next selfie. 

4.    Prevents Skin from Looking Dull

These days life has become so fast-paced and stressful that you cannot just save your skin from going dull and lifeless. Your skin has lost that radiant glow that everyone admired when you were younger.  You don’t need to worry much about that just use moisturisers, body washes and face washes that contain cocoa butter you will definitely start feeling the change in few days only. Apart from this you also need to sleep and eat well to ensure the glow comes back and your skin looks as fresh as ever. 

5.    Helps Cure Sensitivities 

Due to its exceptional and unparalleled moisturising attributes, Cocoa Butter is a very useful ingredient for curing sensitive skin types. If your skin is sensitive to heat or has problems like rash or eczema you need to buy skin care products that contain Cocoa Butter to ensure your skin stays healthy and free from such sensitivities in future. 

6.    Help eradicate stretch marks 

If you are in the post pregnancy phase or you lost a lot of weight to have a beautiful bikini body but your beach mood is ruined due to the unpleasant stretch marks then this is no longer much of a problem as stretch marks can easily be eradicated with the help of creams that contain Cocoa Butter. So just buy one and enjoy your summers to the fullest.      


Thus, Cocoa Butter is a very important ingredient that not only helps in rejuvenating your skin and lips but also tantalizes your taste buds by being the essential ingredients in all your favorite chocolates. It is the best natural moisturiser and can even be applied to your skin in raw form but you need to be careful about the quantity and method of application.  Why not give our Cocoa Butter a try, click here for our products. 

Posted by Sheran Augustine