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Mango Butter: The Secret to Your Glowing Skin

Mango Butter: The Secret to Your Glowing Skin

Mango Butter is not just a tropical exotic treat but the perfect remedy for all your skincare and haircare problems!

What is the root cause of your acne? Could it be a skincare product you are using right now? You did not read the label on the back of your skincare product, did you? People may think that their skin is compatible with every skincare product on the market these days. However, the scenario is quite different. Every human has a different skin type with distinctive features and components. This is why if your friend is using an anti-acne cream, it is not necessary that you will be benefited by that product as well. 

So,wouldn't be better to switch to something, perhaps a bit more natural? When talking about natural ingredients which are best for skin, the name that is somewhere on the top of the list is Mango Butter. However, Mango Butter is not as famous as come other butters such as Shea Butter. People are not properly aware of its uses and how it can benefit their skin. Moving on, let us talk about some of the major benefits and uses of Mango Butter, starting with what it actually is.

  • What is Mango Butter?

Mango Butter is basically extracted from the kernels of a Mango, which usually grows in the tropical climates all around the globe. It is mainly in the form of pulp so it is easily processed when making anything out of Mango Butter. It is a soft butter with a sweet, pungent smell and a very glossy texture. Most people would be thinking that it would be quite costly, right? Mango Butter is available throughout the world, at affordable prices, and is extremely effective for skincare. It is one of the wonders of nature, which can be used instead of the costly skincare products we buy every day.

  • Where does Mango Butter come from?

Mango Butter is a sweet smelling butter which comes from the kernels of a mango, grown usually in the tropical climates of Southern Asia. It can also be found in warmer tropical climates such as in Burma and India. The natives of these lands who have been living in the rainforests for a long time, found a way to process these kernels of Mango and extract the butter out of it. They have been using this miraculous product, to treat their skin remedies and also in foods, for decades, before modern scientists observed the wonders Mango Butter did for a human’s skin.

Uses of Mango Butter:

  • Cosmetics:

Mango Butter is used in different kinds of cosmetics which are aimed towards providing a better skincare solution for people. Mango Butter is most commonly used in haircare products to provide people with an alternative to costly and non-effective haircare products. Next, it is used in different skincare creams, even those prescribed by a dermatologist, because of the different benefits Mango Butter provides. Finally, one of the most common cosmetic product which is usually processed with Mango Butter extract is soap. Soap manufacturers use Mango Butter because of its skin benefits, and mainly because of its sweet and pungent smell.

  • Foods:

Mango Butter is used in foods all around the world. The natives of the tropical areas where this Mango Butter is initially found, use it as the core ingredient of all their meals. Famous chefs all around the world use Mango Butter in desserts and also semi-sweet courses. It is mainly used in cakes, pastries and most of the foods related to baking.

  • Chemical Free Sunscreen:

Sunscreens are usually used in areas with a hot climate. However, most of these sunscreens may contain ingredients which are very harmful to the skin and can cause different types of skin problems such as eczema, acne etc. Sunscreens made with Mango Butter are usually chemical free sunscreens which ensures that your skin is safe from any skin problem, including sun burns, skin cancer. It provides a shield against the UV light protecting the epidermis layer of the skin.

Benefits of Mango Butter:

  • Skincare:
  • Treats dry skin.
  • Heals skin pealing and skin rash.
  • Removes wrinkles and blemishes.
  • Reduces and cures itchy skin.
  • Heals sunburns and other skin infections.
  • Moisturizes hard-textured skin.
  • Helps in skin rejuvenation.
  • Cures insect bites.
  • Can treat skin cracks and many other skin wounds.
  • Fights and cures frost bite.
  • Treats dermatitis and eczema.
  • Cell Regeneration:

The anti-oxidants in Mango Butter play a vital role in destroying the exiting cells, skin cells in particular, and promoting the creation of new and fresh skin cells which results in a wrinkle-less and younger looking skin. This process can also be considered the key to a glowing skin, which most of you would desire.

  • Haircare: 

One of the most important advantages you can gain by using Mango Butter is that it makes your hair look healthier, shinier and thicker. Most haircare products which use Mango Butter claim that their product can cure split ends and give your hair thicker layers so, your hair looks healthier and better. Research has shown, that these products are the best reviewed products all over the internet.  

Alternative to Mango Butter:

Mango Butter and Shea Butter are considered almost the same products by many people who use these natural butters. However, Mango Butter is a slightly advanced form of Shea Butter. Unlike Shea Butter, it also offers something different the world of lotions, creams and body products. Although, it provides almost same benefits as Shea Butter, but with an added benefit of more advanced level of anti-oxidants a richer formula when talking about skincare variations, a longer shelf life and can be cheaper than Shea Butter. 

The Final Verdict:

Overall, Mango Butter is of the most effective and efficient natural butters nature has provided us with. On top of that, it does not even cost as much as some of the other natural butters such as Shea Butter, and provides almost the same benefits to people who are looking for a natural way of protecting their skins, rather than chemical-based products. Why not try our Mango Butter click here to see our full range.

Posted by Sheran Augustine