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Traditional African Black Soap: A Complete Guide

Traditional African Black Soap: A Complete Guide

If you are very conscious of your skin and the skincare products you use, then you surely would have heard about black soap which is also known as ose dudu or alita stamina. In order to understand how the soap got these names, it is important to learn about the history of the product. It is commonly believed that knowing about the history of a product not only makes you use that product frequently but also helps you get close to the raw materials that constitute the ingredients of the product. 

It is known that Yoruba people in Nigeria and Ghana were the first people to use and sell black soap. They started manufacturing it centuries ago for bathing and shampooing their hair.  In addition to this, it was also used as a useful soap for bathing small babies as it consists of natural ingredients and was known to harm or affect sensitive skin. The Yoruba people of Nigeria called this traditional black soap as ose dudu where ose means soap and dudu mean black thus it literally means the black soap. While on the other hand alita stamina was a name coined by the Yoruba people in Ghana and it refers to pepper traders in Yoruba. The Yoruba women were traders who sold tomatoes and other spices. They were the ones who made and sold the black soap so the soap derived its name from its founders. The recipe for this black soap has been transferred through generations but fake ones also exist in the market. 

Ingredients and Recipe of Black Soap 

Black Soap is made from the ash of natively grown plants such as plantain, cocoa pods, palm tree leaves, as well as shea tree bark. A plantain is just like a banana, but quite firmer and less sweet. The plantain cannot be eaten raw unlike a banana and needs to be cooked for consumption. It is the actual essential ingredient which makes the soap so effective. As it is a natural source of vitamin A, E, and iron. Firstly, the leaves and bark are left dry in the sun. Then these sun-dried leaves are roasted in a kettle or pot at an even and uniform temperature. It is important to be careful about the temperature in order to make sure the color, texture, and smell are perfectly fine. The water and all the oils including shea butter are then added to the pot and the mixture is stirred for at least one day. The mixture is then shaped like a soap and left to set for around two weeks. 

Advantages of Black Soap 

The black soap is ideal for skincare as well as cures many skin related diseases. It helps one achieve beautiful glowing skin. If you want your skin to look fresh, young and healthy you definitely need to try the African black soap. It is not only a soap that can be used as a facial wash only but also helps rejuvenate your entire body as you can apply on your complete body. So it is a complete beauty package. The advantages of black soap are given below: 

1.    Clear Skin 

Black soap not only helps you achieve a clean skin but also a clear one. If you have acne or blemishes it helps remove acne and blemishes. Even if you have dark spots and marks of acne on your skin black soap helps you eradicate them. 

2.    Eradicates Skin Diseases 

It is an ideal soap for those suffering from eczema. It helps eradicate skin irritations that can be anything from simple rashes to contact dermatitis or psoriasis. 

3.    Good for Scalp

It is also ideal for use on your scalp as it helps alleviates itchiness and irritation in the scalp. It can be ideally used for shampooing especially in summers when the scalp becomes oily or have dandruff problems. 

4.    Rejuvenates the skin 

It not only clears dark spots and blemishes but also helps one to rejuvenate and revitalize their skin. The skin starts looking fresher and younger. Even after a hectic day at work your skin does not lose the glow so the results of the soap are longer lasting as well as effective. You would definitely love the texture and smell of the soap. 

5.    Good for All Skin Types

It is a magical soap that helps in making every skin type beautiful and healthy. The ingredients of the soap are suitable for dry as well as oily skin. So it cures pimples which are a result of oily skin as well as rash or itchiness which is a problem associated with dry skin.

6.    Helps Fight Body Odor

Body odor is a very embarrassing situation for every individual. It can leave you in an embarrassing situation. Important benefits of black soap include the fact that it helps you fight body odor. 

7.  Ideal for the Whole Family

The soap is good for use of the whole family. As it is ideal for all skin types and composed of natural ingredients so it can be used by everyone in the family from kids to elderly people. It can be used to rejuvenate and add the glow to every member’s skin. 

Thus, it is a very useful soap that can help every person of any age or gender to achieve a clean and healthy skin. It is ideal for use in all seasons because it helps fight against acne, dryness, body odor and negative effects of ultra-violet rays of the sun.  So you can use it without the fear of reaction due to chemical additives and preservatives. 

Precautions for Use 

One should be careful about using the soap if they are allergic to coffee or other cocoa products. They should have a test on a small portion of their skin 48 hours before use. The best way to use this traditional African Black soap is to put it on your entire body and leave it on the body for few minutes before rinsing. There are many companies selling fake black soaps which have additives and preservatives added to them and can be ineffective so it better to stay away from such products and buy original black soap.   

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Posted by Sheran Augustine

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