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Cocoa Butter: The Perfect Moisturiser
Have you ever looked at the ingredients of your favourite chocolate? Did you ever just buy a moisturiser after reading its ingredient If the answers is yes to both these questions then you were most likely to come across the ingredient, Cocoa Butter. Yes, Chocolates and your moisturisers have something in common called Cocoa Butter. If you are still confused  because you don’t actually have any idea about what Cocoa Butter actually is, then you need to know that Cocoa Butter is a pale yellow edible vegetable fat extracted from Cocoa Beans. The other name for Cocoa Butter is Theobroma Oil ..
Mango Butter: The Secret to Your Glowing Skin
Mango Butter is not just a tropical exotic treat but the perfect remedy for all your skincare and haircare problems!What is the root cause of your acne? Could it be a skincare product you are using right now? You did not read the label on the back of your skincare product, did you? People may think that their skin is compatible with every skincare product on the market these days. However, the scenario is quite different. Every human has a different skin type with distinctive features and components. This is why if your friend is using an anti-acne cream, it is not necessary that you will be b..
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