Mango Body Butter

Mango Body Butter

Mango  Seed Butter (Mangifera indica)

Mango butter is derived from the seed of the mango fruit which is native to South Asia; in particular, India. However, it can also be found growing abundantly throughout Africa, Indonesia, the Caribbean as well as the Americas. 

The butter is extracted from the pulp of the mango seed and, because of this, mango butter is relatively odourless rather than emitting a fruity scent as one would imagine. Mango seeds are rich in fatty acids, including oleic and stearic acid as well as omega-9. 

Mango Body Butter is filled with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants including calcium, potassium. Vitamins include: vitamin A (also known as retinol) which improves the texture, moisture and elasticity of your skin; vitamin C, also known as ascorbic acid, an antioxidant that helps to retain smooth and youthful skin; vitamin E is also an antioxidant is an important anti-aging nutrient which combats premature aging caused by free radicals caused by a number of factors such as smoking, pollution and sun exposure, and numerous B vitamins. 

With U in Mind Mango Body Butter melts quickly on contact with the bodies skin temperature and dissolves easily leaving a silky satin smooth and a greaseless protective layer which is particularly soothing on neglected or sun-damaged skin that is in need of a little extra tender loving care.

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